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BitBoy Crypto. For his amazing YouTube videos, he is a well-known personality. While his estimated net worth of almost $11 billion is impressive, the idea that he's putting the everyman before the profitability of his companies is naive, at best. This may be factual as his podcast media kit was leaked by previous clients, and his fees are outrageously high, with a mention on his podcast costing a staggering $20,000 USD. Read more: Who is BitBoy Crypto and why does everybody hate him? courtesy jed mccaleb. It was not until five years later in 2017 that he decided to invest in cryptocurrency full-time. Ben tells them about the digital asset market. BitBoy Crypto- Introduction. He's a full-time crypto day trader and content creator. Below you can see a breakdown of his media kit and what he charges for select services. Find out which Gold Stablecoin is the safest to buy and hold on-chain. Ben had a ticket-selling business (Front Page Tickets) and the website he was using to advertise his business changed its payment options and only accepted Bitcoin. Real name Ben Armstrong, he runs a YouTube channel covering the latest crypto news, coin reviews, and offers trading advice. Well, the two have not disclosed the names of their kids on any social media handle. In a video posted to his popular YouTube channel "BitBoy Crypto," Armstrong covered his top three picks. It remains unclear exactly when the pair had their wedding. He is serving as the Founder of BitBoy Crypto, High Throughput Productions, & HIT Network. A rough assessment of his net worth is at USD 5-6 million approximately. Talking about his cars collection, he is the owner of a branded Lamborghini car of black color. Copyright 2020 - 2023 Net Worth Spot. Let's go ahead with discussing Crypto Jebb career, bio and other details. President Nayib Bukele's net worth. BitBoy Crypto net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, BitBoy Crypto income. You can also follow him on Instagram @bitboy_crypto. What is Ben Armstrong's net worth? Ben Armstrong, another prominent crypto streamer who runs the BitBoy Crypto channels, and who met Rochelle in 2018, said it's disturbing to watch a friend suffer through the vitriol, but he has . If you want to catch regular updates from Bitboy, he posts regularly on his Twitter channel @Bitboy_Crypto. 2023 Buy Crypto Australia, All rights reserved. This quantity is much lower now. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth. The subsequent rise Not much is known about his personal life as he likes to keep a low profile. In one video he said: I always put my family, and put my wife and kids first, above anything else. He has not disclosed even a single detail about his parents on his verified Instagram account. Receive weekly email updates, promotions, and exclusive crypto content! BitBoy Crypto is the place where you can get the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Frankie Candles is a New York native working with Bitboy Crypto in Atlanta Georgia. trades. In his free time, he enjoys dabbling in web development and watching films. He is residing in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Follow 24/7 Crypto on Twitter for the latest news and developments as they happen. Every few months, BitBoy openly shares his portfolio with fans. BitBoy Crypto's real name is Ben Armstrong. He has forged a career as a cryptocurrency content creator and a blockchain enthusiast. Real name Ben Armstrong, he runs a YouTube channel covering the latest crypto news, coin reviews, and offers trading advice. BitBoy Crypto has an estimated net worth of about $692.92 thousand. Subsribe to BitBoy Crypto:$200 BONUS ON BYBIT ? Due to his large audience across social media sites, Ben sells advertising to make additional revenue. Around 818k people watch this video. All of this is inextricably For every 1,000 video views, some YouTube channels make even more than $7. Here is the list of the 5 coins, in short with the link to their ticker symbol. In 2022, BitBoy publicly announced through his podcast that he made over $1 million from YouTube monetization alone. It also provides trading tricks that you can use to get high returns and limit big losses. His LinkedIn profile says that he has worked as an executive director at Three Dimensional Life company from 2015 to 2018. position himself as a bitcoin whale. Learn about different altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles, & get the latest Ethereum news. Under Review. In addition, he is also a famous Internet personality belonging to the United States. He is a prominent Youtuber and social media influencer. NA. I received this a while back by posing as a project interested in a promotion. . We cover breaking news related to Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Movies, Television, Current Affairs, and More. (Will The Solana KILLER Comeback in 2023? After scrolling through his social platforms, we found that he takes complete care of his grandfather and grandmother. He has made a complete separate set-up for his YouTube shooting. 2. Subscribers know him by his He also runs a website blog where he shares the latest news articles about Cryptocurrency. The image below is an estimate of what Bitboy's revenue would be from Youtube adsense alone. She is grateful to all her readers and hopes to continue providing quality content for them. 2 What is the Net Worth of BitBoy Crypto? Ben's net worth is around $28 million. Until a few days ago, Sam Bankman-Fried was the king of crypto. BitBoy Crypto father name is N/A. The thing is though, is []. 1968 S. Coast Hwy #675 Well, the exact date of their wedding is not known at the moment. 3. He's been involved in the space since 2012 and has built up a BitBoy Crypto is a YouTuber, podcaster and crypto enthusiast. He literally owns 100s of coins with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot and Solana in his top six holdings. Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Videos on the channel are categorized into Lifestyle, Knowledge, Hobby. Leave a Comment / Net Worth / November 1, 2022 November 1, 2022. Also, BitBoy Crypto, the American YouTuber, provides trading tricks to get high returns and limit big losses. He said:-, Thank you to everyone who prayed for my grandma! Armstrong regularly speaks about his love and his pride in his family and says that they will always be his priority over work. moments. Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Age, Husband,, Who is Sonia Sanwalka? He regularly publishes videos and blog posts on a variety of crypto-related topics and is considered one of the top influencers. Were leaning towards $3 million. BitBoy Cryptos Biography (Birthday / Education / Wikipedia), BitBoy Cryptos Parents, Siblings (Hometown & Ethnicity), BitBoy Cryptos Father Name / Mother / Sister / Brother, BitBoy Cryptos Wife, Ex-Girlfriend & Wedding, BitBoy Cryptos Children (Son / Daughter), BitBoy Cryptos Height, Weight & Physical Appearance, BitBoy Cryptos Net worth / Cars Collection / Lifestyle, 9 Facts You Need To Know About BitBoy Crypto, Who is Gracie McGraw? In 2012, he started investing in Bitcoin. She has completed her graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh. linked to digital assets, but is a stable and less risky investment for Armstrong. In January 2015, he was able to launch his own Website & Graphic Design Company named Ben Armstrong Designs. Buy Crypto Australia is a blog that is dedicated to helping Australian investors navigate the complex landscape of Digital Assets.Our content is made for informational purposes only, and should not be considered an endorsement for any platform or investment. Press Esc to cancel. He is famously known in the country for his amazing YouTube videos. Bitboy makes a large percentage of his money through his large Youtube following. He was an early investor in cryptocurrency and claims to have been in the space since 2011. BitBoy Crypto is a very famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, social media star media face, and TikTok. If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views. Hackers steal crypto worth $600m from Axie Infinity. The names of his parents are Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Armstrong. ABOUT FRANKIE CANDLES. BitBoy Crypto is a very famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, social media star media face, and TikTok. After finding success, he turned his attention to helping others. Who is BitBoy? The states that have brought back $300 unemployment benefits - are you in line for a payout? He is 39 years old (as of 2021). Bitboy Crypto's net worth comes from a variety of sources. 1. The channel "BitBoy Crypto" is currently one of the biggest channels about Crypto on YouTube and although it has some informative videos on CryptoCurrency the channel seems to be causing many "Pump and Dumps" in a suspicious manner. He is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 74 Kg. He is also the owner of BitBoy Crypto, High Throughput Productions, & HIT Network. Today we are talking about Bitboy Crypto as it seems like he's scammed his fans by allegedly taking payment to promote a complete scam. Net Worth Spot is the largest resource that estimates influencers' net worth. Bitboy Crypto - Ben Armstrong. He shared that his grandmother was met in a car accident but is now safe. He began his crypto journey in 2016 when he found . Q. Since then, he has become one of the largest crypto social media personalities. 6 Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color. However, it was not without unpleasant | Get in touch with our team. You need to understand that a smart investor knows when to get rid of an asset. Unspecified amount of USDT, USDC, and GUSD worth $2.4million. In the year 2021, he presented his portfolio, the value of which had been estimated at $10 million at the time. BitBoy holds more than 200+ coins and they are worth $10.7 million in total, excluding private sales and his ByBit . To reach this stage is not fun . You took countless pictures of precious memories that you planned to put in a scrapbook for your kids to give to their kids. He is earning from various sources. Get started with a trusted, regulated and safe platform. Come be part of the BitSquad! In 2021, he demonstrated his portfolio, which at that time was estimated at $10 million. BitBoy Crypto, the rich and famous YouTuber, podcaster, and crypto enthusiast, has been presenting a range of videos highlighting crypto. Ben made the biggest profit at the end of 2017. Facts of BitBoy Crypto. The couple is together for the last around 8-9 years. Skip to content He is always adding to his financial resources. Emmy Wallin is the owner of, a website that focuses on providing news and information about celebrities and their lifestyles. Quick Summary: Bitboy Crypto or Ben Armstrong is a media personality in the cryptocurrency space. During this time he didnt fully understand Bitcoin and missed out seven-figure profits when he sold too early. BitBoy Crypto (aka Ben Armstrong)is 39 years of age and was born on 27 October 1982 in Atlanta, United States. An American YouTuber says he's written off a six-figure Bitcoin loan to Australia's top crypto-influencer, Alex Saunders. Keep reading this article to know the age, wife, parents, career, wiki, biography, net worth, and many other interesting thing facts about BitBoy Crypto. I definitely research them after. BitBoy Crypto is a Youtube Channel founded in 2018 by Ben Armstrong. On his popular podcast, BitBoy Crypto, he covers topics such as market trends, news updates, technical analysis, and industry developments in the world of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Antony is a strong advocate of decentralized finance (DeFi) and is deeply entrenched in the Ethereum and Zero Knowledge Proof communities. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. BitBoy Crypto was born and raised in Atlanta, united state of America the expert trader was born on the 27 of October 1982 right now he is over 39 years old. Armstrong co-founded Coinbase, the largest U.S. crypto exchange by trading volume, and owns 19% of the company. Many of his videos received thousands of views. His expertise has been founded via extensive experience after first investing in bitcoin back in 2012. Better known as BitBoy Crypto, he works hard to educate and inform the crypto community. BitBoy Crypto net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, BitBoy Crypto income. He is our resident multi-chain NFT expert. Gox, the first major Bitcoin exchange, which he . 5 How many kids do BitBoy Crypto have? has exclusive stories on the latest in . Birthday. While he has faced some controversies related to paid marketing and sponsorships, it's important to note that transparency and disclosure are critical for building trust with audiences. nickname BitBoy Crypto. Bitboy Crypto is a popular YouTube personality and crypto influencer. He started studying at Toccoa Falls College Kennesaw State University in 2009 and graduated with a bachelors degree in 2012. Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family & Net worth, Who is Clara Alvarado? My $10 Million Crypto Portfolio REVEALED (Shocking Holdings) He says he is heavily invested in Bitcoin and bullish but it is for the short term, altcoins are the easiest and the most explosive way to make portfolios pop (5:00). In fact, he continued learning about the crypto world and in 2018, Armstrong became a crypto analyst and full-time commentator. Ben has built a significant following on social media with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million on Twitter. Some short videos about the cryptocurrency market are also available. The controversies led to a loss of credibility for BitBoy and many of his followers turned away from him. Find the best yields in DeFi and latest tokens. According to Finty, the crypto influencer had a net worth of $28 million in 2021. Bitboy does not own any exchange, fund, or NFTproject, and does not position himself as a Bitcoin or Ethereum maxi. What is Bitboys Net Worth. Bitboycrypto has also. Ben has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency since 2012 when he first invested in Bitcoin. Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth 2023 Is the, The Baby Toon Net Worth 2023 What Happened, Numilk Net Worth 2023 What Happened After, Diana and Roma Net Worth 2023: How Rich are the, RokBlok Net Worth 2023 What Happened After. Keep up to date with the fastest moving markets with out newsletter. Salary, Earnings. He also served the position of co-host at Beards & Bitcoins. All the further information about BitBoy age, height, weight, body measurements, career, and personal life is mentioned in this article. He has simply made his millions off his subscribers on social networks and YouTube by shilling questionable projects. Recieve weekly email updates, promotions, and exclusive crypto content! According to reports, he took birth in the United States of America and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He attended high school for the completion of his graduation. I had to learn how to purchase Bitcoin, how to hold it in a wallet, and make transactions. The Magic 5 Net Worth 2023 - Latest Shark Tank Update! 1. an online academy. If BitBoy Crypto is within this range, Net Worth Spot estimates that BitBoy Crypto earns $11.55 thousand a month, totalling $173.23 thousand a year. The leader of the public opinion is a millionaire. BitBoy is an American YouTuber, social media star, and entrepreneur. Consequently, he has become one of the world's wealthiest individuals. Ben Armstrong famous as BitBoy Crypto is a 39-year-old American crypto expert known for teaching trading fundamentals, giving bitcoin news and general cryptocurrency information. He has gained 1.42 million subscribers and 174 million views as of December 2021. He shared his most popular video on 20 March 2021 under the head Top 3 Coins To $3 Million (NFT Picks To Become Millionaire). Ben Armstrong, a crypto investor . 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